Hi girls, Colleen here! It's been a while since my last post. Let's catch up...


Soooooo, I went to the Coachella Music Festival a couple weeks back and I camped in a tent for the first time since girl scouts. The above pic was our camp site.  I knew and expected celebreties, but honestly - once we got there - it didn't matter.  It was all about the bands and music and I have to honestly say, it was, hands down, the coolest thing I have ever done in my life - EVAH!  We were there weekend 1, and these two in the picture to the left showed up weekend 2 (I know it's a small pic, but it's Robsten).  Would I have noticed them in this mass of dancing humanity?  Probably not....and we were definitely dancin!


I'm going to disagree with Courtney on "Bel Ami"...

This morning I rented and watched BelAmi with our boy Robert Pattinson (it's on a special PPV for selected networks for a limited time). My first noteworthy comments -> there were three clear fanny shots! Lots of sex for his character, George Duroy - who is an SOB.  It is beautifully set in Paris in 1890.  Uma Thurman is stand-out, but Rob carries his weight in the film very well. I really need to see it again, pay closer attention, you know - follow the plot, instead of slowing down for each (numerous) sex scene with pumping ass in view.  I have to say, he does the wardobe justice! So now we wait for Cosmopolis - premiering at Cannes this week.  With each new film - he's better, has more of a presence, he's less awkward, and more mature. Hey, he just turned 26! *sigh*


I enjoyed Pop Culture Junkie's latest podcast discussing "Fifty Shades" and as Courtney knows, I am going to need A LOT of convincing, combined with a lot of alcohol to believe ANYONE can be our beloved bad-boy Christian Grey.  I am so annoyed with mainstream "Fifty" I could gag - it's on sale at Safeway??!!  Who else has had random people asking you: "Have heard of a book called "Fifty Shades'??" AHHHHHHHH!

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Comment by libbybelle523 on May 18, 2012 at 10:27pm

@collen my thoughts on Bel Ami.....i have to admit i didn't like it the first time i saw it. then i remembered that i always hate period pieces and tried to watch it again. still didn't like it, but i could appreciate rob and christina a lot more. i thought the movie was very pretty visually. i think i was supposed to hate george, but i didn't. he never came off as a horrible guy to me. i couldn't stand uma, but i don't care for her in anything so my dislike of her in this film is no surprise.

and to change subjects, i too am sick of Fifty Shades being mainstream. i was texted by a member of my book club about the book. i told her i could send her the pdf. listen, i love that women are enjoying reading it but i feel like its talked about so much that its just ridiculous now. get over it media, women like erotica! this isn't new news! and btw while it doesn't seem like it i am really very happy for ICY.


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