Missing Twilight fanfiction, Edward and Bella, the bonding...all of it...

I have felt a void...it's been lonely out here.


The phenomena known as "TWILIGHT" brought millions of strangers together, and out of that union FanFiction became the secret of the uber-cool blog world.  It was soooo fun to group obsess about MOTU, and I proudly reviewed dozens of FanFics.  To our joy and chagrin, Icy (EL James) has become the "hottest" author on the planet, and Fifty will be in a theater near you at some point.  UGH - you all know how much I despise mainstream Fifty. BUT.... it has opened the door for lots of other fanfic authors to actually publish stories we all read and loved.  Here are two new mainstream book releases that PCJ reviewed a bazillion years ago.


Fanfiction "The Office" is now Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren,  please recall Bulletsucker's fanfic review and our obsession with LaPerla lingerie!

Fanfiction "Edward Wallbanger" = Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, please recall my review and rec for y'all to read it.

I have already downloaded both to my kindle, and I look forward to re-reading them in book form. But here's the thing; has the compulsion to stay connected to Edward & Bella gone away for you??? Will there ever be another TWILIGHT  to spawn such a bonding experience across the miles and  generation gap???? Do you miss the preoccupation with the next chapter, the next movie release, the next HAWT photo???? I'll be honest, I do, and so do you.....!


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Comment by Courtney on February 13, 2013 at 10:22pm

I can't wait to read Wallbanger, good lookin' out, Colleen! I totes feel ya on missing the good ole days of fanfic and bloggy bonding. I miss looking forward to the next chapter, book, movie and photo, like you said. I'm hoping FSOG can hurry the hell up and get the movie made so we have something to look forward to soon!

Comment by Papercut18 on February 15, 2013 at 10:00am

Colleen - I so hear ya sista!! I miss our quiet, "uber-cool" secret bloggy world too I still remember eagerly waiting for the next MOTU post! I remember finding this site that supported my habit. I remember the podcasts with Icy. Ahhhh.....seems so long ago now...

At this point if I hear any more about Fifty Shades/BDSM/mommy porn my head just might explode! When Kathie Lee and Hoda started to talk about it I lost it!  I used to feel smug that I'd read the "original" before it became mainstream.  I used to tell people that it was originally posted online - for free! - as fanfiction. I used to explain that's it's a good story with great sex in it, not just about great sex. I used to try to dispel the myths created by the mainstream media to curious friends, but then I just got tired and went back to searching for or re-reading other compelling FF.

Will there ever be anything like it again? Probably, but will it be the same for us? Probably not. It will be different, but that's not necessarily bad. We must carry on!! Now, who's got some good FF recs??


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